GameChange Course

GameChange is an online treatment course for those who are concerned about their gambling behaviour, supported by regular contact with a GamCare therapist. The course has been designed so you can work at your own pace, wherever is most convenient for you, over the course of eight weeks.

The course is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), an effective treatment that has been shown to change negative thought patterns and improve how you feel. They aim to teach you useful and practical skills to apply in everyday life – long after you finish the course.

Before you access the course, you need to complete a brief screening process. This will help GamCare understand what is going on for you, how much support you might benefit from, and whether this course is the most suitable option for you. The screening should take about 30 minutes.

About the course

The course is designed to help you reflect on your gambling, identifying issues or behaviours that could be having an impact on you and changing them to healthier ones. Each module focuses on a different topic, providing you with new insights and exercises to help you reflect on each theme:

  • Module 1 – Motivations for gambling, and why it might be a problem
  • Module 2 – How much is your gambling costing you, and what triggers you to gamble?
  • Module 3 – How is gambling affecting your social life?
  • Module 4 – Acceptance, and an important decision to make about change
  • Module 5 – Chance and poor judgement
  • Module 6 – High-Risk Situations
  • Module 7 – Your finances
  • Module 8 – What is a relapse, plus support and assistance available

You will be assigned a GamCare practitioner to help guide you through the course. They will schedule a call with you each week to catch-up on your progress and ensure that you are getting the most out of the course. This call will last around 20 minutes. To access this service click here